Copper Cable Classifications

The different categories denote the frequency at which the cable will pass or fail at a number of parameter tests. In theory, the higher the frequency, the more data (megabits per second / Mbps) you can transmit. The word Category is often abbreviated as Cat, as we have below.

Category of
Distance achievable  
Cat5e Up to 100Mhz Supports GbE (Gigabit Ethernet/1000Mbps) up to 100m
Cat6 Up to 250Mhz Supports GbE up to 100m
Cat6a Up to 500Mhz  Supports 10GbE up to 100m
Cat7 Up to 600Mhz  Supports 10GbE up to 100m
Cat7a Up to 1000Mhz Supports 10GbE up to 100m


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