Keeping your cable assemblies in top condition

We offer a dedicated Replenish & Repair Service to all our customers, where our highly trained team use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect your products and detect any issues quickly and precisely. Following an inspection and thorough test of your products, our team will proceed with replenishing, repairing and/or replacing your products as required.

Servicing & Repairs

Here at Universal Networks, our team of experienced network specialists are here to support you throughout the lifespan of your products. Our aftersales Replenish and Repair Service is run by our team of dedicated and highly trained staff who can quickly and precisely inspect, clean, repair and/or replace your products. Let us take the stress out of keeping your cable assemblies in top condition and book a service or repair now!

As with any product that is continuously put through its paces over a period of time, fibre optic cables will inevitably face many challenges out in the field. These include accidental damage, broken connectors, dust accumulation, crushing, extreme bending and more. All of these factors can result in a significant loss of signal and drop in your network performance.

If you have noticed any drop in performance of your fibre optic cables, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team are able to offer specialist advice and technical support to help you keep your cables in top condition and will be more than happy to assist you with booking your cable assemblies in for a service or repair.

To help you understand the process involved in servicing your cables, we have put together our ‘5 Point Health Check’, which is explained in more detail below.

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Some examples of the typical issues we see coming in to us for servicing and repairs.

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What’s included in our 5 Point Health Check?


1. Inspect, Test & Certify

We’ll return your cables to factory performance levels by completing a thorough visual inspection and clean, followed by a detailed attenuation test. If any issues are picked up, we will complete further checks as necessary.


2. Connector Polish

By removing scratches and debris from the end face, we aim to eliminate a ‘fail’ when tested. However, if the connector is badly pitted, we’ll move onto Point 3 and replace the connector.


3. Replace or repair connectors

Accidents happen, particularly when cables are used in harsh environments. Assuming the cable is undamaged, we can re-terminate with new connectors to give your cables a new lease of life.


4. Fibre Breakage Repair

Fibre breakage is a more serious issue that doesn’t have to be terminal. Once the damaged portion of cable is removed, the two remaining segments can then be reused and made into two new assemblies.


5. Changing Connectors

If you no longer have use for the existing connector, you can save money by re-using your cable and reel. Once the cable passes a performance inspection, new connectors will be fitted followed by an inspection, clean and test certification.

If you have any questions, or would like to book you 5 point health check, please contact the team using the form above or by calling 01488 685800.

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