Pre-term Installation Guide

This pre-term installation guide applies to our Tight Buffered, Loose Tube, Loose Tube CSTA, Loose Tube SWA and Tight Buffered fibre assemblies. Customers receive a detailed version of this installation guide with all pre-terminated fibre from Universal Networks. If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone, call 01488 685800 or contact us here.

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The pre-terminated fibre will arrive coiled with our without a reel depending on the length. Remove drum from outer packaging and cellophane from the coiled cable, taking care to retain the bag containing the test results and gland nut. Cut the plastic cable tie to release the pulling eye.

Cable on reel

Carefully deploy the cable, preferably using an A-Frame or Roller for heavy armoured cables. These help to avoid the cable twisting when it is removed from the drum. Minimum bend radius & strain requirements can be found on the datasheet.

Cable deployed

To ensure the fibres do not get twisted, firmly grip the second nut, whilst you loosen the first nut to release the clamp onto the cable. The second nut can then be unscrewed whilst the tube is held stationary. Once the second nut is freed the tube can be carefully slid off to reveal the terminated tails. We have a video to demonstrate this stage here. 

Loosen nut image

If using a patch panel or breakout box, carefully feed the cables through the 20mm entry hole. Tighten with the small nut provided (in the bag with test results). Neatly arrange the fibre tails and secure the excess fibres within the fibre panel or box, ensuring there are no tight bends. With 900um tight buffered tails, use bunny clips or other cable management to hold cables in position (ruggedised tails shown).

Containment image

Remove the dust caps only when you are ready to plug the connectors into the containment adapters or equipment. Take care not to touch the end faces of the connectors.

Dust caps

To request the full copy of our pre-term installation guide to be emailed to you, please call us on 01488 685800 or email us here.

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