Below is a helpful guide showing the most common types of fibre optic connectors and what the connectors are used for. We also supply Expanded Beam connectors for rugged outdoor fibre optic applications and MTP/MPO connectors for data centres, please call us on 01488 685800 to discuss or fill in our Contact Form.

st  ST: A metal cylindrical keyed bayonet
type fibre connector that is spring loaded
and attached using a push and twist motion.
It is most widely used as a connector for
multimode networks Ferule – 2.5mm
sc SC: A plastic push/pull type connector,
with a square connector body. The SC
connectoris used for multimode and
singlemode due to it’sexcellent performance.
Often used on Gigabit Interface Converters
(GBIC’s) andlegacy switches.Two SC
connectors can be held together with a
plastic clip for a duplex connection.
Ferule – 2.5mm
lc  LC: A push/pull type fibre
connector similar to SC but half the size.
Often found on SFP/mini GBIC’s and current
generation switches. Two LC connectors are
often held together in a duplex configuration
with a plastic clip. Ferule – 1.25mm
fc FC: A metal threaded screw on type
connector with alignment key,
popular with singlemode fibres
but less commonly used than SC
and LC. Ferule – 2.5mm
mu  MU: A push/pull type fibre connector
similar to LC but mainly used in Japan.
Ferule – 1.25mm
mpo MTP/MPO: A push/pull high density
ribbon fibre connector which can
take 12-24 fibres. The MTP is a technical
enhancement of the MPO.
Ferule – 2.5 x 6.4mm
mtrj  MT-RJ: A duplex only push/pull
small form factorfibre connector
(about half the size of an SC) whichhouses
two fibres and mates with locating pins
on the plug. Easy to install but not widely used.
Ferule – 2.45 x 4.4mm
econ  E2000/LX-5: A push/pull fibre
connector similarto an LC but
with a spring loaded shutter over
the end of the fibre protecting from
damage and dustcontamination.Ferule – 2.5mm
escon  ESCON: A duplex push/pull connector
developed by IBM with fixed shroud
and keyed.
Ferule – 2.5mm
sma  SMA: A threaded fibre optic connector
developed and manufactured by
Amphenol, but rarely used any
more. The SMA-905 has a straight ferule,
the SMA-906 has a stepped ferule; the
latter has better insertion loss.
Ferule – 2.5mm
vf45 VF-45: A duplex only push/pull small form factor
connector which is available as plug and jack
Ferule – 2.5mm



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