FieldCast Power Panel One

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FieldCast Power Panel One is a 19" 1U panel box, on the frontside equipped with four FieldCast 2Core SM Hybrid Chassis Connectors to connect to up to four FieldCast Hybrid Main Cables.

The back is equipped with four LC Duplex connectors to patch to up to four LC SFPs in the ATEM Studio Converter. In addition FieldCast Power Panel One is provided with four XLR connectors, ideal for connecting to  FieldCast Power Box for 24V power.

  • 1.8mm. steel panel with rounded edges and black paint finish
  • standard 1U panel size, 7 cm depth
  • four D-size (24 mm.) cutouts
  • horizontal punch spacing 105 mm
  • four FieldCast 2Core Hybrid Chassis Connectors SM (single mode)
  • four LC Duplex connections on the back
  • four XLR connections on the back for power
  • weight 1.21 kg

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