Published on: 22nd January 2021   |   Sian Jackson

The Project

At the 2021 G7 Summit on the coast of Cornwall, England the Southwest Regional Organised Crime Unit deployed approximately 40 CCTV cameras as well as managing a further 50 CCTV feeds all in order to safeguard the attendees of the summit and the general public. On the 11-13 June there were 11 World leaders from the G7 member nations and the invited guest countries (Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa). These represent over 60% of the people living in democracies around the world – more than 2.2 billion people – and over half of the world’s economy.

Due to the very limited installation time frame the Southwest Regional Organised Crime Unit were required to install the majority of the 5km fibre network infrastructure within a 72 hour period, across challenging terrain. The whole network was also to be recovered within a similar period post event.

ArmourLux500 with IP-PRO Connectors

The Southwest Regional Organised Crime Unit approached the team at Universal Networks to provide a suitable deployable fibre cabling solution to use with the CCTV camera network, which needed to take account of the rough terrain and the speed and ease in which it would be deployed and retrieved in. Senior Account Manager Liz Waterhouse recommended the ArmourLux500 deployable fibre reels with IP-PRO connectors which are designed to offer maximum protection with a dust free and waterproof connection. The LC connectors are contained in a IP68 protected shell and provide a water and dust proof mating. The IP-PRO range uses a MILTAC grade (MILitary TACtical) cable which is ideal for repeated deployment and has a high crush resistance, which made it ideal for the requirements of the project.

The customer comments “the ArmourLux500 deployable fibre reels with IP-PRO connectors were perfect, making the deployment and recovery a simple and quick process”.

The Universal Networks Team

“The service provided by universal networks could not have been better. The quality of customer service from Liz was outstanding, especially given the constantly changing parameters and often shot notice changes to our orders”

ArmourLux IP-PRO - Side View

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