Published on: 29th April 2019   |   Universal Networks

2019 has been a year to celebrate so far, as it marks 25 years of Universal Networks, a significant milestone to have reached with many achievements along the way.

We’re also pleased to announce that our team has grown in the last few months, with Sales Manager Raj Persaud joining us and also Ellie-May Thomas and Max Painter as members of the sales team. Each of the new team members brings relevant experience and skills and we’re excited for the year ahead.

Universal Networks sales team









What you’re bringing to Universal Networks…

I’m an experienced Sales Manager with over 23 years of extensive IT and Distribution knowledge.

Delivering outstanding results is key for growth in our business

Some of my key strengths are development of staff and retention, achievement of targets and building strong, long-lasting customer relationships.


What you’re bringing to Universal Networks…

I have 6 years’ experience in the Retail sector, with a focus on ensuring excellent customer service is received at all times.

Great communication and asking the right questions is key to making sure we get it right first time, every time.

Some of my key strengths are my willingness to learn, determination and ambition to succeed in everything that I do.


What you’re bringing to Universal Networks…

I have experience from a similar role in the IT industry, but am keen to learn and to gain more experience at Universal Networks.

I’m a confident individual devoted to delivering great customer service.

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