Published on: 11th May 2022   |   Sian Jackson

Universal Networks is pleased to launch a new Expanded Beam range of deployable fibre cables, under the established ArmourLux brand. The ArmourLux F BEAM® is our premium option for fibre optics in harsh environments and is available in multimode and singlemode with a 2 channel or 4 channel option.

Utilising Expanded Beam technology, the F BEAM® connector is rugged, can be easily cleaned and being hermaphroditic, is simple and easy to connect. F BEAM is a UK designed and manufactured connector which has been developed over the years to deliver class leading optical performance. It is fully interoperable with other HMA Junior products from TE, Stratos and others.

Expanded Beam lessens the contamination risk associated with physical contact connectors so is suited to the most rugged and demanding of applications.

Universal Networks MD Eddie Hing comments:

“The team is excited to be able to offer the F BEAM® to our customers, a product that delivers simplicity and ease of use for the end user, alongside ruggedness and leading optical performance not seen on any other deployable fibre range. F BEAM® has been developed to meet the increasing demand for connectivity in harsh environments”.

A key advantage of this fibre connector design is that the fibres are protected from the elements and each other. Rather than the traditional butt joint which requires each fibre core to be precisely aligned (to within a micron), expanded beam employs a precision lens to optically expand the light from each core by approximately 40 times its original size, and then refocus back into the mating connector.

A small gap is maintained between the lenses, this minimises the effect of dust, debris, temperature variation, vibration and dirt on the lights path. The lens also means it can be easily cleaned without risk of damaging the fibre – if a connector is dropped into mud, it can simply be washed or wiped and reconnected.

Expanded Beam Diagram

As the lens magnifies the light from the fibre cable (potentially from just 9 microns) accurate alignment of the lens and the fibre is critical to a high-performance connection. Much of the development of the F BEAM has been in this area, enabling insertion losses to be class-leading.

As with all ArmourLux assemblies, they are made in the UK by our experienced team who are ISO9001 and JOSCAR accredited.

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