Tactical Fibre Patch Cables

Neutrik OpticalCONTactical Fibre Patch Cables use a specially designed cable which offers superior protection to the fibres within, maintaining flexibility whilst allowing it to bend repeatedly without damage or performance being affected. For applications that require a durable, reliable connection.

A tough cableusing a bend-insensitive Belden tactical round fibre cable with a PUR sheath, perfect for outdoor or harsh environments.  It's the same cable we use for our ArmourLux deployable assemblies. Neutrik LITE uses a bespoke compact (3 - 3.5mm) tactical cable for lightness and flexibility.  

Ruggedised Connectors - including our LC-MAX connector offering unrivalled cable retention and our IP-PRO connector which is an ODVA compliant 2 channel IP68 rated connector.

opticalCON LITEThe Neutrik opticalCON LITE come in a choice of 2, 4, 12 and 24 fibre per single connector.  They are compatible with Neutrik DUO, QUAD and MTP chassis connectors and are a lower cost alternative to the opticalCON Advanced range of plugs.  

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