Published on: 6th December 2023   |   Ellie Hall

Here at Universal Networks, we love our motorsport – especially what goes on behind the scenes. We know, from our experience working with some of the biggest teams, the efforts they make to reach the pinnacle of their game. Every second counts; from extracting every bit of energy from the power unit to the precision of the pit stops, the pursuit of speed and excellence never stops.

So, let’s talk about a crucial player in the racing game – no, not the drivers, not the sleek machines – we’re shining the spotlight on the unsung hero of the racing circuit – fibre optic cables! At Universal Networks, we get it; and we know what it takes to provide this critical piece of infrastructure.

Wondering why it matters? Well, if you’ve never seen all the gear that gets transported to the events, imagine miles of cabling laid out throughout the pits and around the vast expanse of the circuit. From hooking up the garages to the teams’ track HQ and pit wall data analysts; connecting the camera video feeds from around the track to the broadcasting locations; providing vital communications links to the marshal posts, this communications network is the lifeline for the transmission of critical data information and feedback to the teams, strategists, engineers, broadcasters and more.

So, as the racing season takes a breather, we want to help ensure these fibre optic cables maintain their optimal performance and continue to exceed expectations when the new season begins in 2024.

ArmourLux Reels

How We Can Help: Top Notch Repairs with a Need for Speed

Here at Universal Networks, we recognise that fibre optic cables play a pivotal role in the racing ecosystem, facilitating high-speed data transfer and communication between various components of the racing infrastructure. Therefore, keeping these cables in top condition is paramount to ensuring continued peak performance.

Cable Polishing

But we’re not your average repairs service; we’re the pit crew for your fibre optics. Our dedicated, highly trained team operates a comprehensive, streamlined maintenance service to ensure quick returns; all repairs are different, but when urgent, faults are identified, fixed and products returned within a week. This fast turnaround not only minimises downtime but also positions teams with a competitive advantage as they gear up for the upcoming season.

Our cabling technicians aren’t just inspectors; they’re detail detectives. Visual inspections, OTDR, insertion loss/return loss testing and connector polishing, all using state-of-the-art equipment – we leave no fibre unturned. Proactive repairs ensure we identify and catch potential issues before they escalate. It’s not just maintenance; it’s a commitment to the flawless functionality of your critical communication networks.

Achieving Performance Gains: Unleashing the Power of ArmourLux and Neutrik

In the fast-paced world of motorsport, reliability is non-negotiable. Our ArmourLux and Neutrik fibre optic cable systems are built to last, minimising the risk of unexpected failures during critical moments. These fibre optic systems aren’t just robust and reliable, they are also capable of supporting high bandwidth rates over long distances.  A singlemode fibre system is only limited by the equipment attached to it (i.e. it has infinite bandwidth potential), so your investment in cabling now will support your connectivity needs of tomorrow.

Partnering for Success

By choosing Universal Networks for your network connectivity needs, premier motorsport teams can focus on what they do best—pushing the limits of speed and performance on the track, confident in the reliability of their communication infrastructure.

Neutrik Repair

Entering the 2024 Season: Your fibre cabling checklist

  • Is your fibre cabling working at peak performance? Don’t gamble with performance loss at critical moments; let’s find and fix the issues now before they escalate.
  • When was the last time you had everything checked and serviced? Let us take the stress away and ensure your fibre systems are in top condition.
  • Are you using the best products? Give yourself the competitive edge, let us recommend the right products for your unique requirements.

For more information, or to book your products in for a Service or Repair, please contact us or call 01488 685800.

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