A ruggedised, re-deployable fibre system

OpticalCON’s reliable and simple concept, with ruggedness, low maintenance and high mating cycles at its core, makes it well suited to industries requiring temporary data connectivity for AV, broadcast, pro audio and data communication applications. For us, reliability is key with fibre optics and the unique design elements of the Neutrik Range enable us to confidently recommend and supply a premium solution.

As a certified Neutrik opticalCON assembler (COCA), Universal Networks supply the complete range of Neutrik opticalCON Advanced and LITE fibre optic cable assemblies, as well as all associated connectivity products. You may not find all the products on our website, but if you’re searching for a Neutrik product then we can supply it. We can also customise assemblies, whether they are very long (1km+) or of unique configurations (plugs and sockets). Just let us know what you need and we will provide you with a proposal.

Neutrik COCA

A robust IP-Rated fibre optic connector that features a unique shutter to protect against dust and dirt ingress. It has a quick push-pull latching mechanism and has been designed for reliable, repeated connections.

Neutrik opticalCON Advanced LITE Comparison

This range uses a thinner, more flexible cable than the Advanced range. It mates with the same chassis connectors but omits the sealing shutters, making it a less rugged, lower cost option primarily used as a patch or equipment interconnect cable.

Neutrik cables offer excellent robustness and cable retention, as well as an easy to use connector mechanism. Connector options are opticalCON DUO, QUAD & MTP (2, 4, 12 & 24 fibres in a single connector). We also supply 8 and 12-fibre assemblies with DUO or QUAD connectors.

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