Glossary J, K, L


Jumbo Frames An Ethernet data packet (or Ethernet frame) that is more that 1500 bytes.

Jumbo Packets See Jumbo Frames 

Knockout A weaker piece of metal built into Wall Boxes and Patch Panels that can be knocked out to allow for cable entry. 

KVM - Keyboard, Video/Visual Display Unit and Mouse. This allows a user to control multiple computers from a single Keyboard, Video/Visual Display Unit or Mouse. 

LACP Link Aggregation Control Protocol - A control protocol that allows a switch to aggregate links to and between ports dynamically meaning thus allowing higher bandwidth throughput. 

Latency (Network latency, forwarding delay). The time it takes for an information packet to travel form the sending device to a destination device.

Link Aggregation Is the process where two or more ports in an Ethernet switch are combined together to operate as a single virtual port to both increase the available bandwidth between devices and also provides continuity of connectivity if one link is broken.

Link Loss Forwarding This feature enables networking equipment to shut down data transmission if a link connection has failed. 

LLDP Link Layer Discovery Protocol - Used by network devices for advertising their identity, capabilities and neighbours. 

Loose Tube A protective tube loosely surrounding a fibre optic cable. See our range of Loose Tube Fibre for Outdoor Applications 

Low Smoke/LOSH/LSZH Low Smoke Zero Halogen. A Low Smoke cable sheath made of compounds that produce little smoke and zero halogen in the event of a fire or other exposure to high heat therefore a harmful, toxic smoke is not emitted

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