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AES/EBU A digital audio format standardised by the Audio Engineering Society and European Broadcasting Union as AES3. Uses balanced copper cabling with 2 channels per connection.

AES67 A list of recommendations from the Audio Engineering Society for transporting high-performance audio in IP networks.

Alien Crosstalk or AXT Electromagnetic noise that occurs from different cables in either a group or bundle. Alien Crosstalk reduces the signal-to-noise ratio culminating in a degradation of network performance.

Aramid Yarn A heat resistant and strong synthetic yarn found in Ruggedised fibre optic cables.

Armoured Cable reinforced with a metallic sheath that provides improved protection to the cable core.

Attenuation When signals are being transmitted, they by nature become weaker or "attenuated" the further they travel.

 Automatic Medium-Dependent Interface Crossover - a technology that automatically detects whether a straight through or crossed cable is required, and configures the connection accordingly. This eliminates the need to consider whether crossed or straight cables are required for the connection.

Autonegotiation A procedure which adjusts parameters such as speed, duplex mode, and flow control between two connected devices to the highest performance transmission mode they both support.

AVB (Audio Video Bridging) A type of network using specialist switchesand other equipment that have implemented the AVB set of protocols. This Guarantees synchronization, bandwidth and consistency.

AWG American Wire Gauge - a standard of wire gauge for the diameters of round conductor wire where the smaller the unit the larger the diameter. 

Backbone Part of a network infrastructure that connects LAN's or subnetworks. These can be within a building or campus wide and usually have a higher data carrying capacity than the networks connected to it. 

Balun A transformer for levelling out impedance differences so that a signal generated onto a coaxial cable can transfer onto a twisted pair if necessary, the use of baluns usually results in some level of signal degradation. 


Campus Backbone See Backbone 

Checksum Offloading - A feature of some Allied Telesis fibre LAN adapters with the purpose of detecting accidental errors. Checksum offloading is performed with hardware assistance with the aim of automatically computing the checksum in the network adapter prior to transmission over the network.

CSTA Corrugated Steel Tape Armoured - A type of cable providing crush resistance and rodent protection. 

CobraNetTM A network protocol that uses Ethernet to transport audio as well as control and monitoring data a 100Mb network with a maximum channel capacity of 64 channels per link.

Coupler - See Fibre Adapter

CSFP - Compact Small Form-factor Pluggable.  The same physical size as an SFP but supports two bi-directional fibres (a standard SFP supports one).

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