Published on: 7th March 2021   |   Sian Jackson

Allen-Vanguard is a leader in providing customised solutions for defeating terrorist and extremist threats, including Radio Controlled IEDs (RCIEDs). Defence Forces, Public Safety & Security agencies around the world trust their Counter-Threat Solutions and Mission Systems to provide integrated capabilities to help save lives every day.


Counter drone technology

Allen-Vanguard’s counter-drone product ANCILE™ was deployed to safeguard the attendees at the G7 Summit in Canada. ANCILE™ is a counter-drone capability that provides an “electronic shield” for defeating commercial drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).
Gavin Lewis, Technical Director at Allen Vanguard explains further “We make Counter-Drone systems; effectively electronic “signal jammers” to prevent them being used, either as a nuisance or with nefarious intentions. A Canadian Government Agency wanted to network several systems together, but deploy them remotely and out of conspicuous sight at distances of up to 500m. Fibre was the most logical choice.”

Fibre fit for the G7 Summit

Fibre had never been deployed for this purpose before and Allen-Vanguard needed to work with a partner with the expertise to deliver the right solution, most importantly, a solution that would be reliable. “We had never deployed fibre before at all, so relied heavily on the expertise of Universal Networks to ensure we were buying the right kit, that would work first time. We needed a fast turnaround. This was an urgent requirement. After a few calls and emails with Universal Networks, we knew we could depend on them to deliver”.

The Universal Networks team recommended ArmourLux500 deployable fibre reels with IP-PRO connectors. This system uses tactical Belden fibre and provides a dust free, waterproof connection. This means it is perfect for outdoor events and in this case, to provide rapidly deployed fixed site protection for an extremely significant event.

ArmourLux IP-PRO2 4 Core - Front View

Why ArmourLux?

The most important product features for this project to be a success were durability, reliability and ease of deployment. “The ArmourLux cables looked rugged and like they could stand up to some abuse, plus we had minimal time to train the operators in deployment. Failure wasn’t an option with such an important and high-visibility opportunity”.


Would you recommend Universal Networks?

“Absolutely! Everything went smoothly, the kit was delivered quickly and your salesman had lots of patience with our ever changing requirements!”. The system worked well and the end user was very pleased with it.

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