Published on: 7th October 2021   |   Sian Jackson

Listening to customer feedback and evolving our product range accordingly is important to our team. We have recently added a range of LYNX yellobrik® video converters and distribution products, including HDMI conversion, video distribution, SDI fibre transmitters, receivers, analog/video fibre optic converters and rack frames for yellobrik® modules. Yellobrik® design and manufacture high quality equipment for the professional television broadcast and audio/video markets, with solutions to address almost any 8K/4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI video, audio or fibre optic interfacing need. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the popular yellobrik® small interface ‘brick’ style products are the most stable and technically proficient bricks available.

We have also expanded our already extensive pre-terminated fibre range, offering customers the choice of our standard glands, which are suitable for most applications, or ATEX certified Hawke glands. These are perfect for hazardous or rugged environments, when the added protection these flameproof glands provide, are needed.

Take a look at some of our latest products below:

LYNX yellobrik® Video Converters and Distribution

We now stock a range of yellobrik® products including HDMI conversion, video distribution, SDI transmitters, SDI receivers, Analog sync/ video converters and rack frames & mounting solutions for yellobrik® modules.

Hawke glands

Hawke ATEX 501/421 & 510/453 Brass M20 Glands 

Our pre-terminated fibre cables can now be made with ATEX certified Hawke glands which are flameproof and offer dust protection and increased safety. Configure your cable online and select the Hawke gland option.


Visual Fault Locators

The 1mW Fibre Optic Visual Fault Locator (VFL) is a compact fibre cable testing device with an output power of up to 1mW. The VFL can be used to find breakages and sharp bends in the jacket and the fibre, to a distance of up to 5km.

Belden Coax terminated

12G UHD SDI Cable Assembly using Belden 4694R Cable

This Belden 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Coax cable for 12G-SDI, maximises 4K signal transmission over a single coax, which minimises the weight and space utilisation compared to multi-link solutions.

Coax unterminated

Belden 1694A COax SDI  Cable and Belden 1694A.00305 Coax SDI Cable

These low loss coaxial Belden 1694A copper digital video cables and 1694A.00305 copper digital video cables provide 20-30% lower attenuation compared to traditional precision video cables.

SENKO couplers

SENKO SC-SC/LC-LC Coupler/Adapter with Internal Shutter, Multimode (Beige)

Dustproof adapters with internal shutter, designed to meet the growing need of increasingly high-powered active devices that are used in today’s networking & telecommunication platforms.

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