Lite Linke MTP® Patch Panels

Lite Linke Patch PanelsLite Linke MTP® Patch Panels are available in a 1U or 3U format and are deliver high density fibre distribution using the Lite Linke 24-fibre ½U MTP® cassettes. The tool-less and pluggable cassettes combined with pre terminated MTP trunk cables eliminates the need for expensive on-site splicing and greatly reduces installation time.

1U Chassis provides housing for up to six ½U 24f cassettes. A fully loaded 1U chassis will contain 144f in LC adapter format to the front and twelve MTP® adapters to the rear.

3U Chassis The ultra high density 3U PPS injection moulded chassis provides housing for up to twenty 24-fibre cassettes. A fully loaded 3U chassis will support 480 fibres in LC format on the front and MTP® adapters at the rear.  

View the Lite Linke Patch Panel range here.

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