Published on: 10th August 2011   |   Universal Networks

Wildlife Filming Proves Durability of Armoured Fibre PatchWe are always delighted to hear about how our products are used, and never less so when one stands up to some harsh treatment yet keeps on functioning

One good example of this came recently from Wildcat Aerial Filming, who are responsible for those amazing aerial HD shots featured in the  episodes of David Attenborough’s Life & Planet Earth series.

The camera, mounted on the side of a helicopter, was connected by one of our armoured fibre optic patch cables.

This is already a testing environment, but one day the cable was tested even further when an overzealous pilot shut it in the the helicopter door! David Baillie of Wildcat told us; “[the cable] was kinked and crushed and looked almost severed yet still worked perfectly well, carrying a full multiplexed HD video signal without a problem”.

Our armoured fibre patch cables are no fatter than standard fibre patch cables, but are many times tougher. For important connections, you cannot get a more durable cable of this size and the armouring can save the day if an accident occurs, avoiding costly downtime as it did for Wildcat.

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