Published on: 3rd August 2013   |   Universal Networks

logo-finalUniversal Networks is proud to announce that our operations have achieved neutralcarbonzone® accreditation in accordance to the guidelines set out in the PAS2060 BSI standard and the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard.

We believe that we are the first IT company of our type and size to achieve carbon neutrality, and are proud to lead the way.  Although our carbon footprint is small compared to large corporations, collectively small business (0-49 employees) account for 99.2% of UK private sector businesses so the impact we make collectively is huge.

Ever since forming in 1994 we have been conscious to manage our waste responsibly and use resources sparingly.  This has resulted in the dual benefit of reducing our impact on the environment and also in many cases reducing running costs.

By undertaking the carbon neutrality process we now have a benchmark against which to base our future sustainability strategies. We have prioritised the development of our ongoing carbon management program to further enhance environmentally sounds practices, and will continually look to improve upon, and responsibly deal with the impact of our operations. Our goal is for environmental, commercial and social sustainability.

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