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An LC-based connector system accommodating four PC/APC optical channels protected by a ruggedised, durable all-metal housing on a deployable reel or coiled.

Note: Please contact us if you require a length that is not listed in the dropdown menu or for bespoke requirements.

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Neutrik opticalCON® ADVANCED QUAD NKO4

Following on the success of opticalCON ADVANCED DUO, the opticalCON® ADVANCED QUAD series, also an LC-based connector system, doubles the fibre count to offer a rugged point-to-point connection.

The opticalCON QUAD cable connector accommodates four PC/APC optical channels, based on conventional and proven LC connectivity, protected by a ruggedised and durable all-metal housing. It features a spring loaded push-pull locking mechanism and an excellent cable retention utilizing aramid yarn. The optical connection is exceptionally well protected against dirt and dust by an automatically operated sealing cover.

The opticalCON QUAD TRIPLE SPLIT cable is a multi-channel cable solution featuring three opticalCON QUAD connectors. The 12 core (3 x 4 core QUAD connectors) military approved cable offers a robust yet lightweight solution and is available on a deployable reel in custom lengths up to 300m.

  • Singlemode (PC, APC) or multimode
  • Cable spec: Advanced, Armoured or X-Treme
  • QUAD: 4 fibre, QUAD Triple Split: 12 fibre (3x 4 fibre)
  • Custom lengths also available – please contact us to discuss


The Neutrik range provides a range of benefits that make this option well suited for harsh environments and industries requiring temporary data connectivity.

Portable Deployable Reel

Includes portable, deployable reel.*

Sealing Shutter

Automatic sealing shutter with silicone gasket for low maintenance.

Cable Retention

All-metal housing and heavy duty cable retention.

IP65 Rated

Dirt, dust and water protection to IP65 in mated condition.

Reliable Locking

Reliable Push-Pull locking mechanism.

Easy Clean

Easy to clean, no special tools required.

Rugged Icon

Suitable for demanding applications such as touring, broadcast & rental.

*Or coiled, depending on packaging option selected during configuration above.

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opticalCON QUAD Standard – NKO4M4/ NKO4M/ NKO4S/ NKO4SA

Compact (5.8mm) opticalCON QUAD Standard, rugged and lightweight, 4 core deployable field cable with excellent cable retention due to aramid yarn and black PUR outer jacket. 5.8mm diameter

Neutrik OpticalCON QUAD Advanced
wdt_ID Product Code Mode Cable Type Packaging Length
1 NKO4M4-A-2-50 Multimode OM4 QUAD GT310 50m
2 NKO4M4-A-2-100 Multimode OM4 QUAD GT310 100m
3 NKO4M4-A-2-150 Multimode OM4 QUAD GT310 150m
4 NKO4M4-A-3-200 Multimode OM4 QUAD GT380 200m
5 NKO4M4-A-3-250 Multimode OM4 QUAD GT380 250m
6 NKO4M4-A-3-300 Multimode OM4 QUAD GT380 300m
7 NKO4M4-A-5-400 Multimode OM4 QUAD GT450 400m
8 NKO4M4-A-4-500 Multimode OM4 QUAD HT582 500m
9 NKO4M4-A-4-600 Multimode OM4 QUAD HT582 600m
10 NKO4M4-A-4-700 Multimode OM4 QUAD HT582 700m
Product Code Mode Cable Type Packaging Length
opticalCON QUAD Dual – NKOYS-11-A/ NKOYM-11-A

Compact opticalCON QUAD Dual, rugged and lightweight, 8 core deployable field cable with excellent cable retention due to aramid yarn and black PUR outer jacket. 7mm diameter.

wdt_ID Product Code Mode Cable Type Packaging Length
1 NKOYS-11-A-5-50 Singlemode QUAD Dual GT450 50m
2 NKOYS-11-A-5-100 Singlemode QUAD Dual GT450 100m
3 NKOYS-11-A-5-150 Singlemode QUAD Dual GT450 150m
4 NKOYS-11-A-5-200 Singlemode QUAD Dual GT450 200m
5 NKOYS-11-A-4-250 Singlemode QUAD Dual HT582 250m
6 NKOYS-11-A-4-300 Singlemode QUAD Dual HT582 300m
7 NKOYS-11-A-6-350 Singlemode QUAD Dual SK4812 350m
8 NKOYS-11-A-6-400 Singlemode QUAD Dual SK4812 400m
9 NKOYS-11-A-6-500 Singlemode QUAD Dual SK4812 500m
10 NKOYM-11-A-5-50 Multimode QUAD Dual GT450 50m

opticalCON QUAD X-TREME 4 core cable offering a cut-proof and rodent resistant, double jacket, glass yarn armoured cable construction with excellent cable retention due to aramid yarn and black PUR outer jacket. 9.2mm diameter.

Neutrik opticalCON QUAD X-TREME
wdt_ID Product Code Mode Cable Type Packaging Length
1 NKOX4M-A-0-50 Multimode QUAD X-Treme Coiled 50m
2 NKOX4M-A-0-100 Multimode QUAD X-Treme Coiled 100m
3 NKOX4M-A-0-150 Multimode QUAD X-Treme Coiled 150m
4 NKOX4M-A-0-200 Multimode QUAD X-Treme Coiled 200m
5 NKOX4M-A-0-250 Multimode QUAD X-Treme Coiled 250m
6 NKOX4M-A-0-300 Multimode QUAD X-Treme Coiled 300m
7 NKOX4M-A-0-400 Multimode QUAD X-Treme Coiled 400m
8 NKOX4M-A-3-50 Multimode QUAD X-Treme GT380 50m
9 NKOX4M-A-3-100 Multimode QUAD X-Treme GT380 100m
10 NKOX4M-A-4-150 Multimode QUAD X-Treme HT582 150m

Extra rugged and lightweight opticalCON QUAD ARMOURED cable offering a cut-proof and rodent resistant, double jacket, glass yarn armoured cable construction. Stainless steel jacket absorbs lateral forces up to 200 kg/cm2. Ultra flexible due to the special spring shape construction. 10.5mm diameter.

Neutrik opticalCON QUAD Armoured
wdt_ID Product Code Mode Cable Type Packaging Length
1 NKOXX4M-A-3-50 Multimode QUAD Armoured GT380 50m
2 NKOXX4M-A-5-100 Multimode QUAD Armoured GT450 100m
3 NKOXX4S-A-3-50 Singlemode QUAD Armoured GT380 50m
4 NKOXX4S-A-5-100 Singlemode QUAD Armoured GT450 100m
5 NKOXX4SA-A-0-50 Singlemode APC QUAD Armoured Coiled 50m
6 NKOXX4SA-A-0-100 Singlemode APC QUAD Armoured Coiled 100m
7 NKOXX4SA-A-3-50 Singlemode APC QUAD Armoured GT380 50m
8 NKOXX4SA-A-5-100 Singlemode APC QUAD Armoured GT450 100m

Rugged and lightweight 12-channel opticalCON QUAD TRIPLE SPLIT (3 x 4-fibre QUAD connectors) mobile field cable, excellent cable retention due to aramid yarn, black PUR outer jacket, available in multimode PC and singlemode APC. 10.9mm diameter.

Neutrik opticalCON QUAD Triple Split
wdt_ID Product Code Mode Cable Type Packaging Length
1 NKOYS-A-5-50 Singlemode QUAD Triple Split GT450 50m
2 NKOYS-A-5-100 Singlemode QUAD Triple Split GT450 100m
3 NKOYS-A-5-150 Singlemode QUAD Triple Split GT450 150m
4 NKOYS-A-5-200 Singlemode QUAD Triple Split GT450 200m
5 NKOYS-A-4-250 Singlemode QUAD Triple Split HT582 250m
6 NKOYS-A-4-300 Singlemode QUAD Triple Split HT582 300m
7 NKOYS-A-6-400 Singlemode QUAD Triple Split SK4812 400m
8 NKOYS-A-6-500 Singlemode QUAD Triple Split SK4812 500m
9 NKOYM-A-5-50 Multimode QUAD Triple Split GT450 50m
10 NKOYM-A-5-100 Multimode QUAD Triple Split GT450 100m


The chart below shows the industry standard minimum distances achieved with each fibre type. For further details please refer to our FAQ page here.

If you are unsure which fibre mode is suitable for your requirements, please give us a call on 01488 685800 and we’d be happy to help.

Fibre Mode Fibre Mode Type Core / Cladding (um) Fast Ethernet 100mb Gigabit GbE 10Gigabit 10GbE 40Gigabit 40GbE 100Gigabit 100GbE 40G SWDM4 100G SWDM4
1 Multimode OM3 50/125 2km 800m 300m 100m 100m 240m 75m
2 Multimode OM4 50/125 2km 1100m 400m 150m 150m 350m 100m
3 Singlemode OS1/OS2 9/125 40km 100km 40km 40km 40km - -
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opticalCON QUAD Breakout
opticalCON QUAD DUAL Breakout
opticalCON QUAD TRIPLE Split Breakout


Neutrik OpticalCON Reel Options

Note: option 2 not available with ARMOURED or X-TREME

Neutrik opticalCON QUAD Diagram

Q & A

Yes, all our cables are made to order, so we can supply in any length to meet your exact requirements. Please contact us and we will send you a formal quote.

Yes, we can repair/service opticalCON DUO and QUAD cables in house, both Advanced and LITE.  For opticalCON MTP we can arrange the repair or service though Neutrik.

We have some cables in stock that are available to loan or hire. Please call us on 01488 685800 and we can check we have the products you need.

Generally these cables are made to order, so the turnaround can vary from a couple of days upwards depending on the type and quantity and what else we have booked.  It is always best to call and check as we will do what we can to meet your requirements.

Although the opticalCON DUO and QUAD connectors are LC based, they cannot be plugged directly into standard LC sockets.  You will need to transition from a chassis connector, the rear of which take LC’s, then patch to your equipment.

Mainland UK
Next working day delivery is offered as standard Monday-Friday for goods that are pre-made, are in stock and are not custom made. This service is only available for shipments to the UK Mainland, excluding the Scottish Highlands. If a quick delivery is important to you, you wish to check a manufacturing time for a custom made item or are placing an order after 3pm, please call the office on 01488 685800; we can confirm the stock availability and dispatch date very promptly.

International (Non-Mainland UK)
If your delivery location falls outside of the Mainland UK (i.e. International or Non-Mainland UK), after placing an order on the website, Universal Networks will contact you via e-mail or telephone to confirm the total cost of the order including delivery to your desired destination. We will then require your Credit or Debit Card details to process an offline payment.

To read more information, please visit our Delivery FAQ or Delivery Information pages.



wdt_ID Specification Values
1 Cable Retention 500N
2 Insertion Force < 45N
3 Withdrawal Force < 45N
4 Lifetime >5000 mating cycles
5 Locking Device Push-Pull
6 Temperature Range -40 °C to +75 °C


wdt_ID Specification Values
1 Boot Rubber (EPDM)
2 Bushing Zinc diecast (ZnAl4Cu1)
3 Insert Polyamide (PA 6, PBT 30 % GR, PBT 50 % GR)
4 Shell Zinc diecast (ZnAl4Cu1)
5 Shell plating Black chromium
6 Strain relief Brass, Ni plated


wdt_ID Specification Values
1 Colour Black/Grey Matt
2 Core diameter Singlemode 9 µm, Multimode 50 µm
4 Cladding diameter 125 µm PUR
5 Min. bending radius Advanced: 5.8 cm, X-TREME: 9.2cm, ARMOURED: 10.5cm
8 Number of fibres 4
9 Cable retention Aramid yarn
10 Weight Advanced: 31 kg/km, X-TREME: 82kg/km, ARMOURED: 231kg/km
13 Overall diameter Advanced: 5.8 mm, X-TREME: 9.2mm, ARMOURED: 10.5mm


wdt_ID Specifications Values
1 Insertion loss < 0.45 dB / connection
2 Optical wiring ISO / IEC 11801

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