Published on: 20th April 2023   |   Ellie Hall

We are excited to launch a new addition to our already successful ArmourLux Deployable Fibre range. The new ArmourLux300 Mini Tactical Deployable Fibre products offer many of the benefits of the ArmourLux500 range, but in a more compact cable (3.4mm vs 5.6mm).

The reduced cable thickness on our mini tactical range allows a much higher reel carrying capacity, enabling the same length of cable to be wound onto a much smaller reel, or more cable to be wound onto the same reel in comparison to our ArmourLux500 range. This has many advantages, including saving space when storing or transporting, but also making it lighter and quicker to deploy as it is less bulky to carry around.

ArmourLux300 Launch
ArmourLux500 vs ArmourLux300

The product was developed in response to our customers’ needs, allowing us to offer a more lightweight option compared to our ArmourLux500 range, whilst retaining excellent crush resistance and tensile strength.  Whilst the ArmourLux500 range provides a rugged, tactical cable that can withstand the challenging conditions of harsh environments, the ArmourLux300 range is ideal for applications ranging from defence and military tactical communications to both indoor and outdoor broadcast and events.

Currently available to order via our website in OM3 multimode and OS2 singlemode with 2 and 4 core fibre options. Please contact us for other options as we are always happy to customise products to meet your requirements.


The decision to provide a mini tactical cable, also drove the development of a new, lightweight version of our popular LC-MAX connector. The original LC-MAX connector, featured a unique high cable retention, part-metal bodied LC connector with a strong & durable metal cap, weatherproof to IP68 standard when the cap was secured. The new LC-MAX Lite version offers the same benefits but housed in a lighter weight ABS Polymer bodied connector. This connector can plug straight into any LC socket, meaning you can connect fibre directly into your equipment quickly and easily.

Also available in this range is the ArmourLux300 with IP-PRO connectors. These IP68 rated connectors offer a dust free, waterproof fibre connection suitable for harsh environment applications.

LC Max

Original LC- MAX

A unique, metal bodied, LC connector compatible with standard LC sockets.

Available with our ArmourLux500 range only.

LC-MAX Lite Connectors

New LC- MAX Lite

A lightweight, ABS polymer bodied LC connector designed for our ArmourLux300.

Available in 2-4 fibres.

ArmourLux IP-PRO Connectors


An IP68 rated, lightweight, strong PBT connector that is ODVA compatible.

Available in 2-4 fibres.

To find out more, or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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