Published on: 19th March 2019   |   Universal Networks

We’ve started supporting a new cause with B1G1, providing women and girls living in poverty in Kenya, with female hygiene kits. Many women and girls simply cannot afford basic sanitary products and have to use unhygienic materials such as old rags, which can lead to infections. This can also lead to girls missing school every month, falling behind and sometimes dropping out of school.

We’re aiming to donate 15,000 days’ worth of help, giving girls access to basic essentials. You can find out more about B1G1 by visiting their website.










Previously we were supporting a project in India, aimed to provide children with 2 glasses of milk a day, which helps them to grow up healthily. Giving milk to an impoverished child on a simple diet, gives them an important source of nutrition, helping them to develop normally. We’re pleased to say that we provided 3,200 daily doses of milk to children in need, which is a wonderful achievement, only made possible because of the support of our customers.

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