Published on: 6th December 2022   |   Ellie Hall

This month, we asked another member of our team to choose some worthy causes that deserved our support. We are passionate about giving back, so every few months we make donations to a number of fantastic causes through our partnership with B1G1. We are pleased to share the details of the two important projects that have been selected this month.

Providing hygiene kits for girls

This project aims to provide women and girls in Kenya, with basic female hygiene necessities such as sanitary pads. Many women and girls living in poverty cannot afford to purchase disposable pads, so are often forced to use unsanitary and unhygienic materials, such as old rags, which can cause infections.


2,436 days of access to personal hygiene to girls in need

22,995 days of access to life-saving clean water to families in Ethiopia

Many girls will stay home from school because they are embarrassed to attend school, missing a week of school every month – this can add up to 10 or more weeks a year! Many fall behind and drop out of school.

Funds raised through this project are used to pay for reusable hygiene kits that are distributed to dozens of girls each month through the Odede Hospital. Staff are on hand to provide training sessions each month and World Youth International Nurse’s in Action volunteers provide quality education to hundreds of you women during their 4-week programs.

Giving access to life saving water

This project helps the people living in Tigray, Ethiopia by giving them clean water that is absent of water-borne diseases. The provision of clean and hygienic water will reduce a woman’s average daily water collection time; effectively reduced child mortality rate from water-borne diseases; and allows girls to receive proper education instead of spending time collecting water.

Girl drinking water
Villagers by water pump
Boy drinking water

To find out more about B1G1 or read about the projects in more detail, please click here.

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