Published on: 20th July 2021   |   Ellie Hall

We are continuously developing our product range and adding new products to our website to ensure we are offering the very best equipment to our customers. From fibre optic patch cables and portable deployable fibre assemblies, to bulk copper, media converters and SFPs, we have a vast range of products available on our website, many of which are ready for next day delivery.

But if you can’t see the product you need on our website, then please contact us! Our team are always on hand to discuss your project and help source the products you need or work with you to create a bespoke solution that’s right for you. No product is too small or large!

Many of the new products we have added to our website stem from conversations we have had with our customers who are looking for a product to perform a specific function but have not yet been able to find anything suitable. Once we understand your project and product needs, we can discuss the options available and will do our best to search and source the product you need.

Some of the latest products to be added to our website:


MCF3000 Media Converter Range

Featuring the MCF3300 1RU, 3-slot modular media converter, capable of supporting up to 24 media conversions, depending on the connector. Powered by hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies, allowing flexibility among connection types and speeds.

D-Series Couplers

Senko D-Series Couplers

This range of Senko couplers are compatible with D-Series ‘XLR’ cut-outs used on Neutrik panels and compatible distribution boxes/plates. These panel mounts offer a high quality solution for use with standard LC, ST, SC, IP-PRO2 or MTP/MPO connectors.

Loaded Patch Panel

D-Series Patch Panels

19″ 1U fibre patch panels with D-Series cutouts for Neutrik Chassis Connectors.

The panels are available with either 8 or 12 pre-punched slots and can be purchased with or without cable management.

Ruggedised Patch Cable

OM4 Ruggedised Patch Cables

A new addition to our existing range of ruggedised patch cables. These OM4, tough, flat twin cables feature an outer jacket for durability and are made to order with LC, ST, SC & FC connectors.

SCAPC-SCAPC Fibre Patch Cable

SCAPC Duplex Fibre Patch Cables

Extending our existing range of singlemode SC standard fibre patch cables, we are pleased to confirm that we now offer SCAPC connectors. Available as SCAPC-SCAPC or with SC, LC, or FC connectors.


If there is a product you need that you can’t see on our website, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team are always on hand to discuss your project requirements and source the products you need.

Alternatively, if there’s nothing out there that suits your requirements, we may be able to design a bespoke product to suit your needs. Our knowledgeable team are happy to discuss ideas and develop solutions that work for you. Call us now on 01488 685800.

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