Published on: 17th August 2011   |   Universal Networks

OM4 Fibre The top grade Multi Mode Fibre, OM4 is starting to hit the shelves in more traditional formats

Ideally suited to high speed backbones (10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE) we had previously supplied this cable for some time within our MTP/MPO range and we are now able to offer it as an option for Preterm tight buffered cable and provide it un-terminated, cut to order in 12 and 24 core sizes.

 These options are available on our website and more will be added as they come into stock.

The main benefit of OM4 is it’s capacity to carry high speed networks for longer distances; the table below shows a comparison between other Multi Mode and Single Mode fibre type

OM4 Fibre Table

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