Published on: 9th January 2019   |   Universal Networks

Milk for childrenB1G1 allows us to make a positive difference somewhere in the world, every time a customer buys from us. It’s a one to one arrangement – one order, one donation. In 2018 we supported lots of amazing causes through B1G1, including giving 1,012 days of support to HIV/Aids patients in South Africa and 327 days of educational support to disadvantaged children in India.

In 2019 we are looking forward to supporting many more deserving causes and have started the year by donating 1093 daily doses of milk to children in need.

This current project we’re supporting in India aims to provide children with 2 glasses of milk a day, which helps them to grow up healthily. Giving milk to an impoverished child on a simple diet, gives them an important source of nutrition, helping them to develop normally. Our target is to provide 3,000 daily doses of milk to children.

March update – we are pleased to say we donated 3,200 doses of milk to children in India!

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