MTP® / MPO Fibre Coupler Aligned Keyway, Grey

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US Conec high precision MTP® couplers/adapters provide a quick connection for 12 to 72 multimode optical fibers in a single MTP connector. This particular version is Key Up to Key Up (or aligned keyway) which is used to roll over the polarity.  

US Conec’s MTP brand adapters are fully compliant with IEC Standard 61754-7 and TIA 604-5 – Type MPO.

  • One piece adapter design maximizes coupling strength while minimizing debris generation
  • Compatible with MTP Elite® , standard MTP® & MPO connectors
  • Available in black, aqua, beige, green, blue and gray
  • Includes two thermoplastic non-debris generating dust plugs
  • Compatible with all US Conec MTP® brand connectors in fibre counts ranging from 4 to 72
  • Optimal coarse alignment to minimize pin to ferrule debris generation

** Note this has an aligned keyway, so will roll the polarity.  Please see opposite keyway options which are more commonly used.  If in doubt please call us.

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