Fibre Patch Panels

Fibre Patch Panel19" Rack Mount Fibre Optic Patch Panels are suitable for pre-terminated fibre cables or for on-site fibre cable terminations.  

LC, SC & ST Connectors

The multi-core fibre enters through one of the 4 holes in the rear of the panel and is connected to fibre through-couplers/adapters which are mounted to the panel front. These can be one of many popular connectors - LC, SC, ST (and E2000, FC - call us for these options).  These are then connected to equipment with short fibre optic patch cables. The front panel slides out for easy access to internal cabling.

Maximum no of fibre channels per 19" panel - LC = 96, ST = 24, SC = 48


Rather than a rear entry hole, these panels come with a 12 or 24-fibre MPO/MTP connector on the rear and are pre connected internally to the front mounted LC or SC connectors. The panels can either be fixed type or modular; the latter can be built using cassettes which slide in enabling you to expand and your cabling requirements grow.


IP68 protected 2, 12 and 24-fibre connectors to use in conjunction with the ArmourLux IP-PRO range fo fibre cables


For mounting Neutrik opticalCON and other D-Series XLR format chassis connectors.

Select from the connector type below and use the filters to refine your search.

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