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Fibre for Cameras

With ultra high definition cameras demanding more bandwidth, the limited range offered by copper can be overcome by converting the signal to fibre optics, which can transport the signal of many km's of cable.

As well as the range and bandwidth carrying advantages of fibre, it's also much lighter and thinner than it's copper equivalent, which becomes advantageous when longer lengths are required.  When filming on location the high definition video signal may need to travel several hundred metres back to the OB, Satellite or Production Truck.  Putting this length of cable onto a portable reel is not possible.

There are several product types that enable you to connect to fibre, from add-on video to fibre optic converters, to integrated systems with direct fibre optic interfaces such as the Blackmagic Design ATEM Studio & Camera Converter which supports connectivity up to 20km.  More recently too, some cameras come with a direct fibre connectivity, for example the Black Magic Studio Camera.

No two projects are exactly the same, fortunately we have multiple options for connectors, cable ruggedness, reels, fibre count and type.  As each cable is made to the length you need, you don't end up spending on something you do not need.


  • Vastly extend the range of your Camera connectivity

  • 2-16 Fibres per cable

  • Deployable grade cable

  • Portable cable reel options

  • ST, SC, FC, LC, IP68, opticalCON, MTP connector options

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