Published on: 22nd August 2023   |   Ellie Hall


On Saturday 6th May 2023, the world came together to witness history in the making as King Charles III and Queen Camilla were coronated amidst a decadent show of royal splendour.

With CBS News London at the helm of the US Network’s coverage, their task was nothing short of monumental – broadcasting live for five hours from temporary studio locations at Canada Gate (outside Buckingham Palace) and Westminster Central Methodist Hall (opposite Westminster Abbey). Alongside supporting CBS affiliate stations and other network shows, they sought a reliable network solution to provide seamless and uninterrupted news coverage for the momentous occasion.

ArmourLux Reels for Kings coronation

Core to the coverage was the use of SNG (Satellite News Gathering) Trucks and flypack solutions, which acted as remote hubs for all outgoing video and audio feeds as well as return vision and communication circuits. A key consideration with this set-up was the weight capacity of the SNG trucks, so any weight saving on equipment was of great importance.

For such an event, many worldwide broadcasters and facility providers would also be running cabling along the same routes, meaning they required a product that was also tough enough to withstand the physical strains of getting snagged and pulled about. Additionally, given the temporary nature of the set-up, the crew required a portable solution that could be easily deployed and retrieved once the event had finished.


With these key considerations in mind, our Deployable Fibre Expert, Liz Waterhouse, concluded that our 12 core ArmourLux500 Standard tactical deployable fibre cable terminated with ST connectors protected in our unique zip up padded socks, was the best product for their requirements. To complement this solution, she also recommended our PROCAT7 Cat7 Network cable to enable interconnection with their remote feeds and fixed network provisions.

With weight and portability of importance, our ArmourLux500 deployable fibre cable and PROCAT7 offered many benefits due to the ease with which they can be deployed and retrieved. In particular, the ArmourLux500 Standard series uses a cable based on MIL-C-85045 Military Standard, which is extremely strong, lightweight and rugged. These qualities make it ideal for situations that involve risk of pulling, snagging and crushing, expertly striking the balance between durability and portability.

PROCAT Reel in front of Buckingham Palace for Kings coronation

 “We chose Universal Networks because we have a longstanding relationship with our Sales Manager, Liz Waterhouse, who appreciates the timely nature of our projects and is always able to work with us on a complete solution.”

ArmourLux Reels in London for Kings Coronation


With so many eyes watching the outcome of this project, it was imperative that our products could perform without interruption to the live coverage.

From the rugged, tough nature of the cable to the durable, high quality construction of the cable reels, our deployable fibre system ensured the set up was quick and easy to install but also tidy away at the end of the event, whilst everything in between ran without issue.

Here at Universal Networks, we take pride in putting our customers first and ensuring they have the right product to ensure the smooth and seamless running of their project.

We were delighted to hear that CBS News were so impressed with the quality and usability of our products, that they immediately placed further orders for our cable assemblies to replace the poor-quality products supplied to them by other manufacturers.


CBS News Logo v2

CBS News is a renowned and longstanding American news organization that has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive news coverage for decades. With a rich history dating back to 1927, CBS News has established itself as an unbiased source of information, delivering breaking news, in-depth reports and insightful analysis on a wide range of topics, including politics, world events, business, entertainment, and more. With a team of seasoned journalists and correspondents stationed around the globe, CBS News engages a diverse audience through television broadcasts, digital media, and social platforms, informing them on issues and events of both national and international significance.

“We would absolutely recommend Universal Networks. Liz and the Universal Team are friendly, knowledgeable and responsive to everything we ask of them. In our minds, there’s nothing they could be doing better!””

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