Published on: 1st June 2021   |   Sian Jackson

Extreme E

Launched aboard the St. Helena in 2019, Extreme E is a global off-road racing series that uses electric SUVs to race in remote parts of the world, with rainforest, desert, coastal, arctic and mountain locations. One of the many unique features of the racing series is the amazing locations, which are chosen to raise awareness of climate change and to help provide social and environmental support for the racing locations. Extreme E racing teams consist of a female and male drive, who share driving duties equally, so the series is also active in promoting gender equality. The ethos being a world-class sporting event set in stunning remote locations, telling the story of climate change and the impact of human activity.

Photo: Eder Fernandez
Photo: Ollie Emery
Photo: Charly Lopez

After discussing the requirements of the project with the customer, the Universal Networks team recommended the OCC MHC-T3, which is an extremely rugged, yet compact, high density 24 fibre connector. It is IP68 rated and uniquely, can easily be daisy-chained together without the need for additional couplers, meaning the customer could efficiently achieve the distances they needed. The cable itself is a high-survival military grade fibre of just 5.6mm, designed for re-deployment and harsh environments. It’s size and weight make the individual 350m reels compact and portable.

As well as ensuring the customer had the right cabling solution for the races, we also talked about the importance of cleaning the fibre in between races, which is vital to ensure ongoing performance and reliability.

The Universal Networks team is thrilled to have worked with such an innovative, environmentally conscious company like Extreme E, and enjoyed learning more about the races and the story behind the concept. Operating in an ethical, environmentally responsible manner is important to us and we’re always keen to minimise the impact our business operations have on the environment and minimise our carbon footprint.

Find out more about Extreme E and the latest race here.

OCC MHC T3 with Mars reel
Extreme E 2021: Desert X-Prix
Photo: Steven Tee / LAT Images
Photo: Bastien Baudin
Photo: MCH

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