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“Cleaning takes a long time”

Using one of the one-click cleaners we stock, cleaning your connectors is a quick and simple process. In the long run, proactive cleaning will save you more time, as you may need to replace connectors and even fix equipment if dirty connectors aren’t cleaned.

“It requires too many tools/specialist equipment”

We stock a range of easy to use Fujikura one-click cleaners, which as the name suggests are straightforward to use and don’t require any special training

“I’ve never had any problems in the past”

It’s important to proactively clean, as dirt can’t always be removed retroactively and can even lead to permanent damage to connectors and/or equipment. It is best practice to clean cables before use, as even a tiny amount of dust can cause issues.

“There’s no need to because I use dust caps”

Residue and dust contamination can cause issues in any environment, no matter how careful you are and even with the use of dust caps. Every time you disconnect and reconnect a fibre cable, there is potential for contamination to be introduced. New cables can also benefit from being cleaned before use, as oil residue or dust can be present from the manufacturing process.



1. Reliable connections – Connectors contaminated by dirt, dust or residues are one the most common causes of network failures. Regular, proactive cleaning means you can be confident that you’re using connectors fit for purpose and aren’t putting your connection at risk.

2. Cables last longer – Cleaning connectors before every use means you’re protecting your cables for future use. Even a tiny particle of dirt invisible to the human eye could still be large enough to block the 9 micometer diameter of a singlemode fibre core.

3. Protect equipment – mating a dirty plug can contaminate the other plug and cause damage to equipment. The physical contact of mated contaminants on a connector can cause permanent damage like scratches, pits, cracks and chips that are harder to fix.

4. Cost effective – investing time to clean connectors now, will save time-delaying and costly fixes in the future, which could include replacement connectors and even the need for new equipment.


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