Published on: 18th October 2023   |   Ellie Hall

We’ve always been passionate about making a positive difference to the world around us. Thanks to the incredible support of our loyal customers, we’re excited to share our latest milestone in giving back. Our partnership with B1G1 allows us to donate in a unique and impactful way; and because we contribute based on the number of orders we receive, it means that every purchase our customers make becomes an opportunity to do good in the world.

This month, we explore two amazing projects that we’ve been able to support. Thank you for being a part of our mission to make the world a better place, one order at a time.


200 kilometers of travel to bring trafficked girls home

22,700 daily doses of vitamin supplements to children

Project 1: Giving a child blindness prevention

This mission helps to prevent child blindness in Turkana, Northern Kenya by providing daily vitamin A supplements to children in need. The limited diet of these nomadic pastoralist communities can lead to vitamin deficiencies, which this project aims to address through monthly supplements.

The project is managed by New Ways, who run two programs, one serving 6,000 children in Nariokotome and another catering to 1,300 children in the Lobur mobile clinic program. Our support allows them to expand their child blindness prevention efforts to South Sudan and Southwest Ethiopia, benefiting the Nyangatom tribe, giving the gift of sight and a chance at a brighter future to these children.

Giving a child blindness prevention

Project 2: Bring trafficked girls home

This project rescues people from modern slavery, including girls and women who were trafficked for forced marriages or working in brothels in China. Traffickers tend to target the poorest and most vulnerable young people, particularly women and girls from ethic minority communities who may not have many opportunities in their hometowns. The victims can be as young as 12, and many of the women have been trapped in slavery for years, even forgetting their own language and losing memories of their home and family. Your support allows us to rescue these girls and bring them home to Vietnam.

Bring trafficked girls home

Rescue operations can take up to 2 weeks and span over 1,500km. During this time, the rescue team has to stay on watch and your support covers transport, food, and accommodation for rescuers and girls for the entire duration of the rescue mission.

The efforts involve coordination with the police and authorities in multiple countries; hundreds of thousands of hours of intense work to bring victims back to safety. Blue Dragon, who manage the project, believe that every person has the right to freedom and together we can put that belief into action.

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