Published on: 14th December 2023   |   Ellie Hall

As the year draws to a close and with the festive season in full swing, our hearts were drawn to those that might find the Christmas holidays a little more challenging. Fuelled by the passion to make positive contributions to both our planet and the people around us, we set out to find a way to spread a little joy and Christmas magic to those most in need.

This Christmas, we’ve steered away from the conventional Secret Santa tradition of exchanging gifts among ourselves and instead redirected that focus to create meaningful moments for underprivileged children. In collaboration with the Salvation Army’s Christmas Present Appeal, our mission was to make sure that every child wakes up to a gift on Christmas morning, nurturing the spirit of giving and compassion within our workplace.

Traditionally. the holiday season is synonymous with gift-giving, and while there’s joy in exchanging presents with colleagues, we believe that the true magic of Christmas lies in spreading that joy to those less fortunate. This year, instead of partaking in the usual Secret Santa gift exchange, we invited each member of our team to choose a tag from our Christmas tree.

Each tag represented a child in need, someone who might not experience the joy of unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. The tags provided ideas of thoughtful gifts for varying age ranges and the team really enjoyed selecting a variety of presents they hoped would put smiles on those little faces.

In order to deliver the gifts to those most in need, we joined forces with the Salvation Army in their Christmas Present Appeal. The Salvation Army has a long-standing commitment to serving communities in need, and we are honoured to partner with them to bring a little extra warmth and happiness to families in our area.

Through our collaboration with the Salvation Army, and together as a team, we hope that our efforts have helped to bring some wonderful Christmas magic and smiles to the faces of these deserving children in our community.

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