Published on: 24th August 2021   |   Sian Jackson

Contributing towards a cleaner Earth

Thanks to our support from customers, we have made 5,490 giving impacts this month by donating to Clean Earth Bundles with B1G1 (buy one give one). For every order we receive, we donate to a good cause with B1G1.

We have just one Earth, and the global warming that’s been changing our climate is having severe consequences. Most sources give us until 2030 before irreversible damage is done. There is still time to make a difference and the B1G1 Clean Earth bundles have positive impacts throughout the world and towards many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What’s in the Clean Earth Bundle?

The Clean Earth Bundle consists of a selection of varied and important projects that contribute towards five of the United Nations SDG’s: Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action, Life Below Water, and Life on Land. The projects are rotated occasionally, but currently include the following:

Provide Clean Water in The World

Clean water and sanitation are basic humans needs. However, up to 29% of the world population still lack access to basic drinking water. With proper infrastructure and facilities, proper water-related ecosystems can be put in place. This project provides clean drinking water to communities throughout the world that are water scarce, providing access to a basic human right.

Light Up Lives with Solar Power in Vietnam

Access to power is a basic need for modern life but there are still households in provinces having no access to power from grid. They are scattered in hilly or mountainous terrain with poor infrastructure, and their energy demand is very low, thus not justifying investment in grid extension to these areas. This results in children experiencing disadvantages in education and being marginalised from our exciting digital world. Help install a “smart telesolar” box so off-grid households can gain access to not only clean power, but also free communication, and other potential benefits.

Plant A Tree in The World

Trees clean the air we breathe and serve as an important carbon sink for our emissions. A fully-grown tree can absorb up to 21kg of carbon dioxide per year. By supporting this project tree saplings are planted throughout the world which will eventually become fully-grown at a success rate of up to 85%, and in some cases also provide income for the local community. This project plants trees throughout the world in 11 different cities.

Support Beach Clean Up in Indonesia

Up to 75% of Bali’s rubbish is not collected by official services. There are only five legal rubbish dumps on the whole island. Makeshift rubbish dumps are everywhere due to poor governance; flowing into the ocean, destroying the marine environment and suffocating marine wildlife. ROLE Foundation organises regular beach clean ups. The beach cleaner groups are spread across 5 locations, each undergoing cleaning and education training once a month including waste management, marine conservation, permaculture practices and healthy living.

Feed A Rescued Animal in Australia

This project makes a world of difference to rescued farmed animals by providing an essential meal – sweet smelling hay for the cows, ponies, sheep and goats; nutritious carrots, pumpkins, apples and more for the pigs; life-saving formula to bottle feed lambs; as well as leafy greens and succulent treats for the chickens, ducks and bunnies.

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