Published on: 2nd May 2023   |   Ellie Hall


Team Audio approached us following the successful implementation of one of our systems for their project at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Ceremonies. For their latest project, they needed to create a site-wide fibre backbone across a vast open-air venue that would be used to host a Secret Cinema event. This complex, immersive audience experience required a reliable, fibre network solution that would carry multiple CCTV camera feeds, lighting and video plus the comms network.

Fibre reels infront of container

We needed to provide a solution that could be laid across the large park; along hedge-lines, through ducting, buried and then flown overhead between temporary towers to connect 10 remote nodes that would allow strong coverage to even the furthest edges of the venue.

Not only was it essential that our cable was robust and rugged enough to withstand the challenging conditions, the project also had an extremely tight turnaround from the client giving the green light, to the engineers actually installing the cable in time for the event to go ahead.


Due to the grass laid park location, our cable solution needed to be portable and easily deployable as well as temporary, to ensure the venue was left as it was found after the event was over.

Following discussions with our Deployable Fibre Expert, Eddie Hing, the client settled on our singlemode, 24 core ArmourLux500 deployable fibre cable, coupled with standard ST connectors. This solution allowed easy connection to their existing equipment, as well as a high fibre count per tactical cable.

To protect the connectors both during transit and whilst the cables were being laid out, our bespoke zipped Padded Protective Socks were recommended. These unique socks are quick to use and avoid snagging, which can happen when re-packing the connectors into traditional tubes. In addition, re-deployable metal reels made the transportation, deployment and retrieval easier to manage.

Fibre drums arriving on truck

 “We chose Universal Networks because they are great people to work with. They offer competitive pricing and provide insightful knowledge. Their products always go above and beyond our expectations”

Alison Dale, Team Audio

Fibre Reels in Picker Basket


When looking at specifying deployable networking infrastructure, it is often the little things that make a difference, such as the quality of the components, the type of cable reels and our unique zip- up cable socks, which keep the connectors tidy and protected.

Delivering great customer service has always been central to how we operate at Universal Networks. We truly care about doing a good job, providing quality products and offering expert advice to ensure the success of our customers’ projects.

This project was no different and we were thrilled to see the event take place without a hitch, having pulled out all the stops to ensure the products were turned around and delivered on time, despite the tight deadlines.


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Team Audio have over 25 years’ experience in providing Event Production Management and bespoke solutions in Audio, Communications and Networks. They offer a range of services including events comms and temporary networks, RF spectrum planning and audio system design. Directed by Mark Isbister and Alison Dale, the team collaborate with a network of specialist associates to ensure smooth coordination of all the technical services of an event, alongside the creative, operational and production elements.

“Eddie, Liz and the team at Universal Networks are a pleasure to deal with and their products and services are second to none. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others”

Mark Isbister, Team Audio

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