Published on: 1st July 2018   |   Universal Networks

ArmourLux500 Deployable FibreJune was a great month with some interesting projects both UK based and abroad, with a big focus on our range of deployable fibre products.

We’ve always been proud of our global presence, delivering fibre and copper cabling to a vast number of countries and June was no exception. Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on in the last month with companies based abroad:

• We provided Allied Telesis media converters to an engineering firm based in South Korea.
ArmourLux deployable fibre cabling for a broadcasting company filming a live children’s TV show in Paris.
• A project to deliver ArmourLux LC-Max deployable fibre for a show in the Middle East.
ArmourLux deployable fibre for an anti-drone system for a high security event based in Canada.

As well as a broad number of projects abroad, we’ve been lucky to have worked with some interesting UK based companies:


  • Tactical fibre cabling for use with satellite equipment, using IP-PRO2 connectors which are high density IP68 rated plugs.
  • MTP cables for the UK’s national synchrotron, a science facility where scientists study a wide array of things from medical treatments to technology advancements.

Take a look at our customer case studies for a more in depth view of the some of the projects we’ve worked on.

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