Published on: 25th November 2019   |   Universal Networks

This month we’ve chosen to support Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors who provide support to injured and endangered wildlife, supporting conservation and defending threatened wildlife.

We’re helping two causes, both of which help feed koala bears admitted to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Koala Joeys are often brought into the Zoo Hospital for care when the weather starts to warm up, as they’re on the move looking for water or a friend for mating season. An orphaned Koala Joey will need to be regularly fed with formula milk every three to four hours, depending on their age, size and health.

We’re also offering to support to adult Koalas in the Hospital. Each Koala receives 3 eucalyptus branches every day, which gives them hundreds of leaves to eat every day. Financial support is very much welcomed as Koalas are very fussy with the diet they eat, preferring leaves native to their environment, meaning leaf collection is complex and expensive.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is Australia’s busiest Koala hospital, treating up to 800 Koala’s from Queensland and northern New South Wales each year. The zoo is extremely busy treating animals injured in the bush fires in Australia, so we’re keen to support this great cause as much as we can do. Every order placed will contribute to the amount we donate, through our on-going support of B1G1.

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