Published on: 29th September 2022   |   Ellie Hall

This month, as part of our commitment to giving back, we asked one of our newest team members to choose some causes that are close to her heart. We regularly make donations to a number of amazing causes through our partnership with B1G1 based on the number of orders we receive, and this month is no different. We are proud to share the details of the three worthwhile projects that have been selected this month.

Providing necessities to a newborn baby

Many women who give birth in rural Kenya live in poverty, and unfortunately cannot afford the basic necessities required for their newborn babies.


2,100 days of access to necessities for newborn babies

20 days of sea turtle protection

60 sets of medicine for an injured dog

This project aims to provide these mothers with baby clothing (such as onesies and jumpers), a blanket, a bath basin and a mosquito net to prevent malaria for her newborn baby. These are items that she wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford and will help to transition her into motherhood a little easier, whilst providing much-needed basics for the new baby too.

Protecting sea turtles and their hatchlings

Due to a number of threats, including the destruction of sand dunes, illegal shore constructions, industrialisation and pollution, the population of sea turtles has been significantly affected. Supporting this project enables a rigorous conservation strategy, which includes preserving nesting sites, relocating nesting turtles to safer hatching grounds, construction hatcheries and engaging closely with the Government, institutions and communities to protect and advocate for the sea turtles.

B1G1 - Medicine for dogs

Providing medicine for injured dogs

This project aims to treat injured dogs by providing injections and antibiotics to offer relief and save them from pain. The project is run by the Himalayan Animal Treatment Centre UK and focuses on preventing the health of abandoned dogs from deteriorating further by showering them with care and comfort.

To find out more about B1G1 or read about the projects in more detail, please click here.

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