Published on: 25th October 2013   |   Universal Networks

UN_2012athleticsIIWhat a glorious summer of sport – the Lions victorious in Australia, the first British winner at Wimbledon, and Mo triumphing at the World Championships in Russia….and we were there!

Well, not at every major sporting victory….and not in person….but we did have a presence alongside one of the UK’s premier outside broadcast companies to supply the data connectivity at Wimbledon, The Open Golf Championship, and with the timing display providers at the Moscow World Athletics Championships.

For all of these events we supplied lightweight, portable, fibre optic cables with a connector to socket configuration, allowing maximum flexibility. The cables could either be daisy-chained to achieve longer lengths, or patched directly into equipment from the socket.

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We also provided with high speed media converters and SFP’s, which allowed the fibre cables to connect into the existing switches.

Universal Networks will also be present at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi…but let’s just say that our expectations of British gold medal winners over there will be rather less ambitious!

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