Belden 1305A Cat5e CatSnake Tactical Deployable Copper

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Belden’s heavy duty upjacketted CatSnake Cat5e cable features a unique Bonded-Pair technology.  This ensures the cable’s conductor-to-conductor spacing relationship along the full length of the cable is maintain their impedance and Return Loss performance when flexed and handled in rugged, harsh environments.

  • Designed to be a Field Deployable Cat5e cable for harsh environment and repeated flexing
  • CobraNet, eSnake, Ethersound, Digital audio over Ethernet
  • Withstands repeated pulling, flexing, bending, coiling and crushing during stage and live sound applications
  • Tested to 350MHz, surperior to Cat5e Standard
  • Also available pre terminated with RJ45 and Neutrik etherCON (call for details)


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Belden 1305A Cat5e CatSnake

Bonded-Pairs are the result of Belden’s patented design that bonds the individual insulated conductors together along the full length of the cable. The cable therefore exhibits a uniform conductor-to-conductor spacing relationship along its longitudinal axis that assures consistent impedance characteristics. Nonbondedpair cables tend to gap during their flexing, coiling and handling — or during normal use. These gaps typically create an impedance mismatch.

The upjacketted version of the cable is the most heavy duty, ruggedness version of the Cat5e CatSnake.  To make them flexible, these cables have stranded (7×32) conductors and matte-finished Belflex® jackets. These cables also pass the UL 1581 -40°C Cold Bend test and are RJ45 and Neutrik EtherCon® compatible.


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