Fibre Optics and Copper cabling are used for a number of applications in the Oil & Gas Industry. Equipment is often required to perform effectively in extremely harsh environments. These solutions require the highest specification rugged cables, connectors and containment to ensure continuity of services.


There are a multitude of rugged fibre optic connectors available for harsh environments these can be split into two groups; Physical Contact & Expanded Beam.


This contact type uses a ferule in a ruggedised casing and provides the lowest insertion loss by precisely aligning each core within a micron of each other, however due to the design of the connector it can be vulnerable to dirt contamination. If used incorrectly, this can cause extreme damage to the connector requiring a qualified engineer to rectify.


Using precision lens an expanded beam connector removes the need for physical contact between ferules, instead the lens expands the diameter of the beam by approximately 2000 times its original size on the transmission side of the connector and the second mated lens collects and refocuses the beam into a second optical fibre completing the connection. by maintaining a small gap between the lenses the effect of dust, debris, temperature variations, and vibration on the lighrs path are minimised. and if the connector is dropped into contaminate it can be simply washed or wiped and reconnected with out the need for a specialised engineer.

Collimated beam

By utilising advanced UK designed and manufactured Expanded Beam Connectors, we are able to ensure the highest level of optical performace across repeated use on our tactical fibre optic assemblies.

Expanded Beam Connector

At each end of the cable assembly you will need to convert the expanded beam connector to a traditional Physical Connection, for this we offer a bulkhead assembly with ruggedised tails or pigtails, these can be mounted into 19" panels, be free ends or we can design other solutions for each individual requirement.

Expanded Beam Bulkhead


  • hemaphroditic connectors allow for simple and quick deployment.
  • Ability to daisy chain cables to increase total length.
  • Fully sealed connector shell making the connectors near maintanance free
  • Hybrid assemblies available
  • Solutions suitable for petrochemical, & mining requirements
  • All assemblies are available on a range of plastic & metal construction deployable reels
  • BS6883 / NEK606 / QFCI Fire Resistant cable for marine and offshore installations available


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