Published on: 23rd July 2012   |   Universal Networks

opticalCON-ARMORED-2101MIL-TAC cable is designed to stand up to harsh environments, but how can you make a tough cable even tougher? A few clients have asked this question, and two solutions are now available.

One option is a deployable cable called X-TREME, which takes a standard MIL-TAC cables and adds a layer of glass yarn armouring, which is further covered by an outer PUR jacket.  And just released is another option, using a lightweight metal armoured tube in place of the glass yarns, providing even greater protection without compromising flexibility.  An added benefit is both the glass yarn and metal armouring provides extra crush resistance and protection from rodents.

Both options are available 2 and 4 core, multi and single mode and are shipping now.  For costs and to order visit our web site, or you can talk to one of our engineers who will discuss your problem and help you find a solution.

To discuss how this cable can can be used in your application please call us on 01488 685800.  For pricing and options on these cables and other Neutrik products click here to go to our deployable fibre section

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