Published on: 25th May 2012   |   Universal Networks

Bridge_002We are continually amazed at the wide variety of applications fibre optic cabling is used for. Often we are asked to provide connectivity from A to B but we don’t get to see the end result of the system, so it’s great when this is shared with us. Rarely are we able to ‘see’ the results so visually as demonstrated by an installation undertaken by Pulsar Light of Cambridge on the Sava Bridge in Belgrade, Serbia.

Sava Bridge is 1km long and we need to distribute ARTNET (lighting control protocol over Ethernet) from the control computer to our PULSAR lighting drivers along the bridge. We were concerned about latency as the viewer can see a full 1km line of LED lighting fixtures at the same time, we opted for fibre running at gigabit speeds. Universal advised and provided the complete fibre package which performed flawlessly.

We are grateful to Pulsar for sharing this with us

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