Published on: 8th April 2019   |   Universal Networks


As a Neutrik Network Specialist, we’re excited to see the launch of Neutrik’s latest addition to the opticalCON family of products – DRAGONFLY. The perfect solution for live broadcast productions, the new DRAGONFLY series offers advanced lens technology for the Broadcast and AV markets, giving a reliable and robust connection. It is much easier to maintain than common hybrid camera signal transmission systems, giving almost the same performance levels.

The technology behind DRAGONFLY is based on the patented XB2-Technology, the fusion splice high- performance lens transmits UHD 4K and 8K signals with very low loss as the signal surface of the XB2 lens is 322 times bigger than physical contact surfaces. This further results in low insensitivity against dust and dirt.

The DRAGONFLY cable is available as a pre-assembled female-male SMPTE cable with 2 lensed single-mode ferrules and 4 copper pins.

DRAGONFLY is a ruggedised and low maintenance hybrid cable connector suitable for indoor (studio) and outdoor (OB Truck) camera links according to SMPTE standard.

DRAGONFLY will be available from July 2019. You can read more about it here or view the datasheet: Neutrik DRAGONFLY data sheet.

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