Published on: 4th May 2023   |   Ellie Hall

With the first few months of 2023 behind us, our focus on caring for our customers, our colleagues, our planet and all those who call it home never falters. Making a positive impact where we can is a huge part of who we are as a business and this month, in partnership with B1G1 we are pleased to share with you the three amazing projects that have been selected for our support this month.

Bringing Healthcare to a Community in Kenya

The Odede Community Health Centre is located in a rural community in Western Kenya, where thousands of people come for treatment every year for a variety of illness and infections which if left untreated can be fatal. This project provides the clinic with vital equipment to test and treat patients as well as protect frontline staff and reduce the chance of infection, allowing them to continue lifesaving work.


7,170 days of access to life-saving healthcare to people

12,045 days of clean water to students in Zambia

Supported in the provision of emergency relief in Ukraine

Healthcare team
Nurse attending to patient
Medical staff

Giving clean water to a school in Zambia

Children washing hands

This project helps to provide clean water for vulnerable children and orphans at a community school in rural Zambia, to improve health and prevent the spread of communicable disease. At projects like these, where there is no access to clean water, we drill boreholes and install water pumps to ensure that clean water is available for all the staff and pupils. We also build permanent hand wash stations that enable 18 children to wash their hands at one time. This is already making a difference in preventing the spread of disease amongst pupils, staff and their communities.

Build It identifies community and government schools where there is a need for additional hand washing and Build It contractors and graduates complete the construction of these facilities. The hand wash stations and hand pumps are a community asset maintained by the school, and if well maintained will last for many years.

Children washing hands

Providing emergency relief support in Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine has killed hundreds, injured untold numbers, and may displace up to 5 million. Direct Relief is a disaster relief organization which equips health professionals in resource-poor communities allowing them to meet the challenges of diagnosing and caring for people in need, whilst preparing the most vulnerable for more frequent, more destructive emergencies. When disasters strike, Direct Relief responds effectively and efficiently to get medical resources where they need to be.

Direct Relief’s current focus in Ukraine is on treating injuries and other trauma caused by the violence. They are working directly with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and regional partners to provide much needed trauma and critical care items, from oxygen concentrators to critical care medicines, while preparing for longer-term medical aid.

Warehouse operative labelling medical packages
Warehouse full of medical aid items
Truck transporting medical aid items

To find out more about B1G1 or read about the projects in more detail, please click here.

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