Published on: 7th February 2024   |   Ellie Hall

ArmourLux Strider | Connecting you anywhere you need to go

In the dynamic landscape of modern military operations, the demand for agile, portable, and rugged communication solutions has become paramount. As military strategies evolve and operations become more dispersed, the need for mobile, reliable and resilient communication networks is critical.

This article explores the essential requirements of the defence industry for agile communication systems and introduces a game-changing, highly-mobile solution: the ArmourLux Strider.

ArmourLux Strider

The ArmourLux Strider portable backpack system is a lightweight, mission-ready fibre communication network designed to efficiently connect military forces anywhere they need to go. Joining our already established and highly regarded ArmourLux range, the ArmourLux Strider sits perfectly alongside our F-BEAM, LC-MAX, LC-MAX Lite and IP-PRO products.

The Significance of Communications in Military Operations

Communications serve as the backbone of military operations from facilitating coordination, command and control to unmanned systems operation, logistics planning and the exchange of crucial information. As technology rapidly advances, the challenge for the military lies in keeping pace with commercial developments while addressing the vulnerabilities introduced by innovations also available to adversaries. The need for secure communication capabilities for dispersed and highly-mobile forces that can withstand harsh environments, provide high performance and remain resilient in the face of disruptions is more pressing than ever.

The Need for Agility and Portability

Citing key lessons learnt from the recent war of aggression against the Ukraine, the European Defence Agency recently highlighted the importance of agility, mobility, interoperability and resilience in land forces.1 Through feedback and discussion with our own Defence contacts, we understand the requirement for troops on the ground to be more mobile, dispersed and operate at long ranges, often beyond the line of sight. With this in mind, a communication system’s agility and portability become critical factors in meeting operational requirements.

Portable, Resilient, Mission Ready Fibre Communications

Addressing the evolving needs of the military, our ArmourLux Strider backpack system brings agility to military communication, ensuring quicker and more efficient delivery of network infrastructure. Its portability allows deployment to locations inaccessible to vehicles, allowing the wearer to navigate rough terrains and harsh conditions with ease. Designed for ultra-mobility, the ArmourLux Strider portable backpack system enables rapid transportation, deployment and retrieval of high performance, fibre communication networks in response to the dynamic movements of troops.

Transporting 1km cable at a weight of less than 25kg

Portable Cable Reel Backpack System
Portable Cable Reel Backpack System
Portable Cable Reel Backpack System
Portable Cable Reel Backpack System

Previously, similar systems have had limited carrying capacity which compromised their ability to meet operational requirements. However, the ArmourLux Strider backpack system features an aluminium frame for strength and lightness. In built wheels allow the backpack to be used as a trolley on even surfaces and the position of the reel on the backpack allows for optimal centre of gravity, enabling communication to reach even the remotest of locations in the harshest of environments in response to dynamic troop movements.

This ergonomically designed backpack coupled with a bespoke compact, MILTAC cable combines durability, long reach whilst remaining lightweight.


Lightweight Icon

An impressive cable carrying capacity of 1km, 4 core singlemode fibre at a weight of less than 25kg, the backpack offers a lightweight yet ergonomic design, with soldier comfort being a key design consideration.

Rugged Icon

Rugged robust construction alongside MIL grade cables and connectors contribute to the systems durability and survivabilility.

Product Compatibility Icon

Designed to accommodate several metal reel options and OCC MARS 0500, which can be quickly deployed and retrieved using a foldable crank handle.

Why Universal Networks?

Here at Universal Networks we understand the unique challenges and performance requirements of the defence sector. Specialising in the delivery of rugged, agile, deployable fibre solutions for harsh environment applications, we meet these with precision and expertise.  With 30 years of experience and technical know-how, our journey is marked by a genuine passion to be responsive, reliable partners to our customers. Our Joscar, Cyber Essentials and ISO9001 accreditations underpin our focus on providing reliable and responsive support for communications projects all over the world.

In a world where military forces must remain resilient, secure, agile and connected, our ArmourLux Strider portable backpack system emerges as a standout product that caters to the dynamic and demanding nature of modern military operations. As a robust, mission-ready fibre communication solution, it embodies the qualities necessary for successful modern military operations. Its combination of durability, ergonomic design, and high-performance capabilities positions it as a pioneering solution for highly-mobile defence communication challenges. As the military landscape continues to evolve, the ArmourLux Strider stands ready to ensure that critical communication networks remain robust, reliable, and connected, wherever the mission takes them.


1 EU Defence Ministers agree to prioritise 22 military capabilities to bolster European armed forces, 14 Nov 2023.

MOD Defence Technology Framework, September 2019,

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