ArmourLux500 Series LC Connectors



LC Simplex Connectors
LC Simplex connectors are housed within a removable and reusable clear plastic tube. 2 connectors are on each end of the fibre cable. LC's can be paired off at equal length if preferred, please state this when ordering.

LC Duplex Uniboot Connectors
LC Duplex Uniboot connectors are a single body design which is stronger than a standard simplex/duplex LC and is designed for 2 core round cable, which is used here. One duplex connector is on each end of the fibre cable. 

As standard we provide a plastic tube to protect the connectors when not in use. We can also offer a zipped SOCK option, which is easier and quicker to use; for 4+ fibres, the LC pairs do not need to be staggered.

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