ArmourLux500 Series IP-PRO

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 ArmourLux500 series with IP-PRO Connectors offers maximum protection for a dust free and waterproof fibre connection. 

IP-PRO Connector

Multi-Fibre Support
Each IP rated plug can house a 2, 12 or 24 Fibre connector, either singlemode or multimode. The high density plugs enable you to deploy just one cable for multiple connections of your services, whether data, video or audio.

What's unique about the cable? 
We've used a specially developed Military grade Tactical fibre with outdoor PUR sheath which is designed for outdoor use & repeated deployment. It’s ideal for harsh environments, striking a balance between durability and portability. 

IP68 Protection against water and dust
The IP-PRO connector has been designed specifically for temporary, deployable applications, to provide a secure, reliable fibre connection. The duplex IP68 plugs can be mated with corresponding IP68 sockets bulkhead/panel mounted and patched into equipment, enabling a water and dust proof mating. Each plug comes with a cap which is retained on a lanyard when not in use. 

IP-PRO Connector

Multiple Connectivity Option
The IP-PRO series can connect directly to a panel or containment mounted chassis connector:

IP-PRO Connector IP-PRO Connector

It can also be coupled directly, by attaching a tactical fanout cable, enabling you to connect to standard ST, LC or SC connectors. Cables can be coupler together to extend the length:

The reassurance you deserve
All ArmourLux assemblies are made in the UK. We're also an ISO9001 accredited company, where quality and customer service are our highest priorities. With over 20 years experience as a trusted provider of fibre optic cables, you can be reassured we understand the requirements of mobile fibre optic 

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