Published on: 21st June 2012   |   Universal Networks

Cat7-patch-bA few years ago we launched a high spec Cat6a patch cable, using the best available components for those wanting unbeatable performance and reliability. These have been a great success and we’re pleased to announce shipments have just topped 50,000 units. What’s more, we have had 100% reliability.

Ensuring consistent quality has been achieved by a comprehensive testing process. Whilst some manufacturers cut corners and batch or continuity test,  we put each cable through a full Cat6a conformance test with a Fluke DTX1800. We therefore can confidently say every cable we supply is guaranteed to perform to Cat6a standards,  and good for connections up to 10GbE.

For any users requiring 100% reliable, high performance cabling, we don’t believe that there is a better cable out there.

5 key features on our cables:

1. Each cable is Fluke tested for Cat6a conformance, no sub standard cable is allowed to escape
2. We use Cat7 cable rated at 1200MHz -more than double the 500MHz Cat6a requires
3. The strain boots are snagless and flush with the connector – allows easy insertion into sockets and avoids overcrowding in panels and switches
4. Cables are serialised and can be cross referenced to test results
5. FRNC/LSZH Sheath is available in 9 colours

For a spec sheet and prices click here

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