Published on: 5th July 2011   |   Universal Networks

Universal Networks are pleased to announce the results of our Customer Satisfaction survey undertaken in May and June 2011, reaching around 22% of our top customers via telephone from diverse industries such as Finance, Broadcast and Education.

The aim of the survey was to uncover why our customers prefer to buy from Universal Networks, whilst also evaluating customer satisfaction in terms of speed of response and levels of technical expertise. Finally, we also wished to uncover the common annoyances that people face when enquiring or ordering from other IT Suppliers

Our customers always stress to us that due to the nature of the industry a quick response to quotes and enquiries are of the utmost importance to enable projects to be successful and often a response time of 2 hours is a necessity. We were very pleased to hear that 73% of customers surveyed stated that Universal Networks were able to get back to the customer within 2 hours, furthermore, 14% named the timeliness of Universal Networks response as a major reason they purchase from Universal as a lack of response or slowness to respond often holds up the business day. In fact, a lack of response or slowness to respond was given as the top irritation when dealing with other IT Suppliers.

Our survey also identified that a lack of knowledge about networking products and services was one of the biggest bug-bears for customers purchasing from IT suppliers, Universal Networks seem to be bucking this trend as a huge 88% of individuals surveyed rated Universal Networks very highly on a scale of 1 to 10 for our in-house level of technical expertise.

Other reasons that customers prefer to use Universal Networks for their cabling and networking needs garnered from the customer satisfaction survey also include; reliability, ease, excellent customer service level and that we are able to deliver on time.

Thanks to all of our customers who took the time to take part in our survey!

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